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Top 4 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

There are many challenges to working remotely and managing remote teams. We have tips and actionable insights, to help you improve remote management. ...

Ensuring the Security of Your Remote Workforce

Your cybersecurity measures will need to be different when managing a remote workforce. There are additional challenges and steps that need to be take...

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Tenure Limits for Temporary Employees

Imposing tenure limits for temporary employees is a common practice. However, the minimal benefits gained from instituting and enforcing these policie...

Intellectual Property, Trade Secret Risks and Your Independent Contractors

Some practical advice on how you can best safeguard your business IP and trade secrets while still providing the critical information necessary for y...

Practical Steps in Statement of Work (SOW) Management

Statement of Work (SOW) Management serves as the basis for defining a project relationship through a formal contract agreement between the client and ...