To everyone in the business of sourcing
and recruiting talent,
your world is about to change for the best.

Discover People 2.0
People 2.0

The only global EOR/AOR platform
created exclusively for you.

You find the talent for your clients. We amplify your business with new comprehensive capabilities to put anyone to work, in any category, in any location, in any country, for any type of assignment, for any period of time, with any type of currency. Expand your opportunities. Accelerate growth. Become more valuable to your clients and the talent you provide. We’re your one-stop global workforce enabler that makes you unstoppable.

What we do:

Sprocket Man

Employer of record

You find the workers your clients need, we'll hire them and become their employer of record (EOR). That means we’ll assume the legal responsibility of the workers, ensure regulatory compliance, manage onboarding, workforce payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation.

Agent of Record Icon

Agent of record

When your clients want to engage independent contractors, we make it easy by managing invoicing, payments, and IC compliance for you. We’ll be their agent of record (AOR) and ensure correct classifications. You’ll have the support needed to engage independent contractors domestically and internationally.


Total Talent

Our global platform allows our clients
to deploy nearly any type of worker:


Global reach with establishments in 40 countries, and growing

On demand

Onboard workers in as little as 48 hours

For any length of time

We cover long-term and short-term assignments


Using one global master agreement

Staffing agencies

Search and recruiting

Mass talent procurement

Compliance, contracting, and consulting companies

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