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Why a Strong Contingent Workforce Can Help Weather a Recession 

Economic downturns happen. History tells us periods of highs and lows are part of life, and it’s up to us to ride the waves. But there are ways to p...

4 Steps to Building a Winning Contingent Workforce Program

Creating solutions that help you plan ahead to remain in compliance can come down to selecting the right AOR partner. Failure to plan can result in no...

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Using Diversity to Build Resilience in Your Procurement Strategies

Promoting the longevity of your clients’ organizations means developing a diversity recruiting strategy that fosters resiliency. ...

Employee Wants, Company Needs: Balancing the Borderless Workplace

People2.0’s Flexible Work Program benefits a distributed workforce by allowing for fully remote employees as well as a hybrid office arrangement. ...

Contract Staffing 101: Everything You Need to Know

The world has shifted to contingent and flexible working arrangements. The global situation in recent months has only accelerated this trend, as emplo...

A Virtual Bench of Affiliates Is More Cost Effective Than Maintaining Under-Utilized Employees

A recent research study by the Hinge Institute, reports that professional service organizations grew faster in 2019 than in the last five years yet th...