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From Recruitment to Full-Service: Unleashing Your Firm’s Potential with People2.0

As a search and recruiting professional, you know that every detail matters. The process of identifying, sourcing, and qualifying skilled candidates is crucial to your agency’s success. This takes time, effort, and a vast network of sophisticated search tools. On top of this, managing the financial, legal, and administrative tasks associated with being an employer of record can be a significant burden. This burden is compounded by the complexities of hiring in multiple jurisdictions. 

This is where People2.0 comes in. 

Expanding Horizons with a Compliance Partner 

When search and recruiting firms partner with People2.0, they gain a competitive edge by expanding their service offerings beyond direct hire placements to include temporary and contract workers. This strategic partnership not only amplifies their value proposition but also enhances the diversity and consistency of their portfolio so they can respond to a wider range of RFPs. 

As employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) for contingent workers in locations around the world, People2.0 manages payroll processing, invoicing, credit analysis, and provides compliant healthcare and extended benefits for workers. We also deliver all required insurances, including workers’ compensation, and professional and general liability coverage, simplifying complex legal and regulatory compliance issues. 

Our partnership equips talent suppliers like you with access to a global talent pool, enabling you to source the best candidates to meet your clients’ specific needs. Furthermore, our streamlined placement process fosters re-engagements with previous clients, creating recurring revenue streams and enhancing enterprise value. 

Delivering Superior Value to Your Clients 

People2.0’s collaboration with talent suppliers paves the way for faster placements and cost reductions for the end client. By managing back-office functions, we enable you to optimize resources and improve efficiency, passing on the savings to your clients and positively impacting both of your bottom lines. 

Our robust global infrastructure empowers search and recruiting firms to extend their reach into international markets. We facilitate the sourcing of global talent, while ensuring full adherence to international employment laws and regulations. This gives you access to a diverse, global talent pool to meet dynamic client needs, all while maintaining complete compliance with international employment standards. 

With People2.0’s expertise in risk management and compliance, you and your clients can rest assured that the risk of legal issues and penalties is significantly mitigated. They can confidently rely on our expertise to navigate complex labor laws and employment regulations. 

Offering Comprehensive Global Talent Solutions 

The strategic alliance between recruiters and People2.0 enhances their ability to deliver comprehensive services to clients. By allowing you to focus on your core strengths – recruitment and sourcing – we ensure exceptional service throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Simultaneously, People2.0’s back-office support simplifies the complexities associated with employment eligibility, regulations, payroll, taxes, insurance, and healthcare benefits. 

Together, we present a full-service solution for temporary and contract staffing compliance. This efficient and cost-effective solution helps you save time, valuable resources, and significantly minimizes risk. 

Experience the power of a full-service solution for talent acquisition and management by partnering with People2.0 today. We promise a seamless, efficient, and profitable talent management experience that takes your business to new heights. 

For more on adding contract placements to your offerings, check out our eBook, Contract Recruiting Made Simple 

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