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About People 2.0

We serve and support clients in the US,
Canada, and 60+ other countries


Founded in 2001, People 2.0 is a preferred back-office services provider for leading staffing firms, recruiters, managed service providers, compliance companies, and consultants. We serve as an employer of record (EOR) for global contingent workforces—taking on your placements as People 2.0 employees to ensure IC compliance and timely payroll. We serve and support clients in all US states, Canada, and 60+ other countries from our headquarters in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and our offices in Houston, Texas, and Brampton, Ontario.


Our Back-Office Services


How would you like to get your time back, improve compliance, and grow your business by outsourcing critical back-office services? Our service offerings can help:


  • Employer-of-record (EOR) payroll services, including payroll, sales, and tax reporting
  • Unlimited payroll funding
  • Invoicing, accounts receivable, and collections management
  • Indemnification for independent contractor (IC) classification
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and risk management
  • Competitive benefit solutions for the contingent workforce
  • HR and legal support
  • And more


Our Expertise


People 2.0 employs an industry-leading team of experienced and successful subject matter experts, focused on helping our clients seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and achieve their business goals.


  • Global payroll complexities
  • Risk/claims management
  • Legal and human resources
  • Technology and security
  • M&A strategy and execution
  • Organizational training and development
  • Sales and marketing strategies



Our vendor-neutral, back-office solutions enable you to concentrate on doing what you do best when it comes to contract recruiting: finding top talent, building client relationships, and growing your company. We take care of the time-consuming back-office tasks you don’t have time for in-house, while helping ensure compliance and mitigating risk, so you can focus on your core business.


Why Our Clients Love Working with Us


  • Global placement capabilities
  • Payroll 60,000+ contract workers per week
  • Vendor neutral
  • Full-service, in-house solutions
  • Compliance-focused mindset


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