Back office outsourcing solutions for search and recruitment firms

Grow your search and recruitment firm with People 2.0 by your side

Outsourcing your back office means you can focus on revenue- producing activities like going after new clients, recruitment, and keeping your existing clients happy. We’ll take care of all the administrative work load (payroll, human resources, and compliance for your clients’ 8810 employees), so you don’t have to. Not only will this make your life easier and allow your team to focus on their core competencies, but it will be more cost effective than deploying talent traditionally.

Thinking of starting your own recruiting firm or adding a new revenue stream to your existing business? We make it easy to delve into the world of contract staffing with a turn key solution for payroll funding, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, employee benefits, and a complete back office setup with no upfront costs or commitment. What’s more, you will have support through tools and concierge support to enable your growth.

Service Offering

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Why People 2.0?

Back-office outsourcing solutions exclusively for the talent procurement sector

We exclusively serve the talent procurement sector. That means we’ll never compete with you for enterprise clients or talent, so we can create a true partnership.

Scale your search and recruitment firm globally

We can help you deploy workers domestically or globally in more than 40 countries at a fraction of the cost. Use our infrastructure to deploy international talent for clients and expand your firm’s global reach.

Meet all of your clients’ everchanging recruitment needs

With employer of record (EOR) payroll services for direct hirescontract workers and agent of record (AOR) services for independent contractors, you’ll provide the ultimate client satisfaction. We can deploy any worker type8810 workers, anywhere in the world, for any length of employment.

The Seven Deadly Myths of Contract Recruiting

Persistent myths about contract recruiting might be holding you back from setting up a successful recurring revenue stream.

“Our recruiting firm specializes in hard-to-fill technical roles. For our clients, speed is critical. People 2.0 helps us to go from a signed employment contract to an onboarded employee in less than two2 days. Our client satisfaction depends on it.”
Anonymous, Owner
Technical Recruiting Agency

Get started in as little as 48 hours

Request a quote today and deploy workers in as little as 48 hours with People 2.0’s back-office outsourcing solutions and global independent recruiter platform.