Uncovering Blind Spots: Leveraging Greater Insights for Your Candidates, Your Clients and Yourself

Thursday, February 8 @ 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central

60 minutes

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A recruiter’s ability to gain insight can lead to becoming a highly-skilled professional who is trusted to coach candidates, give candid feedback to clients, and is constantly improving and growing.

Most professionals are familiar with a SWOT assessment: the exercise of examining an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The downside of that exercise is that it only reveals the variables that are known by the subject of the analysis. What about the unknown factors – the blind spots?

What skills, weaknesses, opportunities or threats are in your blind spot? By definition, a “blind spot” is something you are completely unaware of; so how can you identify them?

In business, uncovering blind spots can mean the difference between mediocrity and wild success. Or the difference between preparing for an oncoming obstacle and being blindsided by it.

What difference could it make in your recruiting business if you could uncover some of your blind spots? What difference could it make to your clients and candidates if you could help them uncover some of theirs?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify individuals that can help you uncover your blind spots
  • A specific phrase for asking permission to share honest, open blind spot feedback with candidates and clients
  • Tips for preparing yourself to receive feedback in a productive way and why you’ll need to rewire your brain’s typical reaction to criticism
  • A plan of action for turning your “uncovered” blind spots into meaningful change in your business
  • Techniques to shed light on your blind spots: Recognizing your hidden strengths & weaknesses


Expert Presenter: GREG COX

Greg CoxGreg Cox is a trusted advisor and expert trainer with years of experience in leadership, sales, coaching, training, and consulting.

Greg started his career at Canon Business Solutions, where he quickly became a nationally recognized sales representative. As he moved through the ranks in leadership roles he was known as a “turn-around” specialist, taking under-performing teams and turning them into profitable, award-winning sales teams. After 14 years at Canon, Greg joined Dale Carnegie Training in Chicago, leading the franchise to be consistently in the top 10 internationally. At Dale Carnegie, Greg was a sought-after facilitator and coach, working with organizations of all sizes from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He was a thought-leader and content developer in the organization, often leading standing-ovation workshops and keynotes at their international conventions.

After 15 years in the Dale Carnegie organization, Greg founded The Impact Foundry, Inc. Greg brings his vast experience and creativity to improve his clients’ condition. Greg is known for his sense of humor and his passion. Greg brings creativity, keen insight, candor, and strong problem solving ability to every project.