Dealing with Difficult People

Tuesday, December 5 @ 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central

60 minutes


Difficult people can pop up anywhere: candidates, employees, clients. Dealing with them is unavoidable.

Sometimes they know exactly how to rub you the wrong way and say all the right things to push our buttons. More often, they are fundamentally oblivious to how difficult they are. Regardless of intent, the challenge is the same: work with an opposing, difficult personality while staying professional.

You have work to get done- jobs to fill, interviews to complete, payroll to run- and facing a difficult person isn’t a good excuse for not meeting goals.

Fortunately, there is a way to deal with these people without letting them drag you into their chaos. By mastering how to productively work with them, you’ll stand a much higher chance of achieving your goals in spite of the difficult personalities you encounter along the way.

People 2.0 welcomes expert management coach Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko for a Dealing with Difficult People training webinar. This session will teach you how to manage highly charged people and situations with skill.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why some people are especially difficult and why your normal communication tactics won’t work with them
  • How to stay calm and productive in interactions with difficult people
  • Skills to view and side-step flair ups before they happen
  • Techniques for remaining focused in the face of drama, verbal attack or other classic difficult people behaviors

Register today and stop dreading run-ins with demanding clients, infuriating employees and challenging candidates.


Expert Presenter: Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko

Dr. LaniDr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko is a goal-oriented, solution-driven clinician, coach and consultant who specializes in transition management. Her primary aim is to help people maximize their potential while effectively balancing the demands of their work and personal lives.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, and received her master’s and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work and Social Policy. Dr. Nelson-Zlupko provides consultation, workshops, training, and keynote addresses regionally and nationally. She helps Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit and small business organizations manage crises, plan for and carry out transitions, manage and redirect difficult people, and effectively lead the people they serve.

In addition to running her counseling and consulting practice based in Wilmington, Delaware, Lani serves on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School for Social Policy and Practice (UPenn SP2) where she teaches doctoral students and consults on national research projects. Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko is passionate about her work. She believes that well-adjusted, confident people are the backbone of each generation.