Join the thousands of recruiters who are creating greater financial freedom with recurring revenue while meeting clients’ contingent workforce needs.


As a recruiter, you have worked tirelessly to build a loyal client base and deliver top talent. You’ve established a reputation as a strong, direct-hire recruiter, but so far, you’ve stayed out of the contract-recruiting game. For the sake of your bottom line, it may be time to reconsider whether your hesitation is based on fact or fiction.

When you choose to place temporary workers, partnering with People 2.0’s turnkey solution can help you focus solely on placing talent, while we take care of the rest.

• Payroll • Onboarding
• Contract review • Billing
• W-9 forms • Workers’ compensation
• State/provincial and federal withholding • Sales tools
• Unemployment • Regulatory compliance
• Client credit checks • Time capture
• Screening tools • Job board discounts

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