Myth: I can’t support the cost of an employee.

Fact: Investing in a payroll funding solution can help you pay your personnel.

Given 82 percent of organizations fail as the result of cash flow problems, it’s obvious that a growing business needs a reliable source of working capital for sustainable development—specifically when adding employees. The reality is, in order for a business to succeed, it’s necessary to pay employees regularly and on-time.

While the idea of adding someone to your payroll might seem incomprehensible with your current financial situation, a payroll funding provider can take a lot of the stress out of making sure your employees and temps are paid appropriately and timely. Whether you’re experiencing a lull-time between starting business operations and money coming in from clients, or the inevitability of a client paying their bill late, a payroll funding solution can help keep your business going!

As a financing partner that understands and values your business, People 2.0 has the reliability, flexibility, scalability, and capacity to support your growing company. Our payroll funding services enable our clients to expand their employee count to better support their clients and make more money!