Myth: There’s more dependability in direct-hire recruiting.

Fact: Greater flexibility can equate to better revenue stability and a higher rate of return!

While direct-hire placements’ status-quo nature makes it seem like the dependable route for recruiters, history shows us that’s not always the case. In situations where the economy isn’t doing well (i.e. the 2008 U.S. great recession), businesses start to move towards temp placements because they can’t afford, or don’t want to commit to, full-time employees—meaning recruiters who only place direct hires can be left without a revenue stream.

Truthfully, by diversifying your recruiting capabilities, not only do you ensure your business can still thrive in the worst economic climates, but by creating more opportunities, you set yourself up to make more placements—leading to additional money and necessary experience to meet the growing demand for contingent labor.

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