Don’t Let Misconceptions About Contract Recruiting Stop You from Growing Your Business!


Join an ecosystem of recruiters who are creating greater financial freedom with recurring revenue, growing sellable businesses, and meeting clients’ contingent workforce needs.


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If you’re a recruiter that is either unsure or totally turned off to the idea of contract recruiting, your presumptions about placing temporary workers could be costing you! Not only does People 2.0 help break down the myths and spell out the truth about contract recruiting, but we also provide you with the resources and insight necessary to navigate placing contract.

As a part of People 2.0’s turnkey solution, we advance the cost of payroll, bill clients on your behalf, cover workers’ compensation, unemployment and other insurance, and handle everything else that comes along with employing a temporary worker:


• Payroll • Onboarding • Contract review
• Billing • W9 forms • Recruiter training
• Workers’ compensation • State/provincial and federal withholding • Sales tools
• Unemployment • Regulatory compliance • Client credit checks
• Time capture • Screening tools • Job board discounts

The best part? There’s no charge to become part of the People 2.0 recruiter ecosystem.

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