Myth: I can earn more money in direct hire fees than contract.

Fact: Contract recruiting can be equally/more lucrative than direct-hire placements!

With more job seekers looking for the flexibility contingent work allows, the market demand for contingent recruiters is increasing, and with it, the potential for recruiters to make more money on contract placements.

Since contractor fees are paid month-over-month versus annual salaries for full time employees, recruiters of contingent roles are guaranteed recurring payments—translating to a steady, net cash flow. Additionally, with one in five temporary workers converting from temporary roles to permanent employees across all staffing firms, recruiters have an additional opportunity to make a profit via conversion fees.

To avoid leaving money on the table and missed opportunities, partnering with People 2.0 can ensure you never have to say “no” to an assignment. Our employer of record (EOR), agent of record (AOR), and statement of work (SOW) services, comprehensive back-office solutions, contingent workforce subject matter experts, and the ability to operate in all 50 states as well as globally provide you with the resources necessary to fill any client request.