Gain a Competitive Edge with an Outsourced Back Office

Staffing Companies

Back-Office Services for Staffing Companies


You’re working hard to build a successful staffing business. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that your time and resources are appropriately put to work for maximum impact. With People 2.0 managing the time-consuming, administrative back-office tasks you don’t have time for, you’ll be able to focus on bringing in new clients, recruiting top talent, and providing exceptional customer service.


Additionally, for staffing firms looking to expand into new market verticals and geographical locations, both domestic and abroad, People 2.0 enables you to exceed client expectations, maintain relationships, and provide top-notch services.


With People 2.0 on your side, you’ll benefit from:

  • The ability to place candidates in the US, Canada, and 60+ other countries
  • Compliance with all local, state/provincial, and federal laws, both national and international
  • Employer-of-record (EOR) payroll services, including payroll, sales, and tax reporting
  • Access to competitive working capital solutions/payroll funding
  • Access to benefits for your contingent workers
  • Independent contractor (IC) classification and indemnification services
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and risk management
  • A fully-integrated, technology solution
  • Strategic guidance
  • Growing faster
  • Operating more profitably
  • Competing with large, established staffing firms


Take back your time with People 2.0’s staffing support, and focus on recruiting top talent for your clients. With our comprehensive staffing agency back-office and EOR services, we’ll take over all employment-related issues, focus on your administrative issues, and be your partner in helping you grow your business.

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