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Never before have companies tried so hard to employ so few people. As companies work to control their costs, keep their staffing lean, reduce risk, lessen administrative burden, and stay flexible to adapt to new ideas or rapid changes in demand, the contingent workforce – the part of the workforce a company chooses to have a third party employ/deploy such as some long-term workers, contractors and contingent workers- has now become the solution of choice.


Whether you are an Independent Recruiter, Online Recruiter Platform or operating a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, it is no longer feasible to operate without a structure to meet the demand for a global contingent workforce. The capacity to offer an EOR/AOR/SOW solution is now essential to your company’s future and allows you to compete in the Human Capital Services market of today.


Enter People 2.0, with a best-in-class global workforce deployment platform that delivers turnkey on/off boarding back office solutions with standardized, scalable processes. People 2.0’s business model empowers your successful on-demand deployment of a contingent workforce – whether your reach is local, national, or global.


With People 2.0 as your partner, you can:


  • Expand client offerings to include full Employer/Agent of Record or Statement of Work solutions
  • Alleviate the burden of administrative, insurance, and regulatory issues
  • Reduce your spend on cap-ex, technology infrastructure and employment related risk
  • More effectively direct and control your core business
  • Free up your time and business resources to focus on business growth
  • Rely upon a best-in-class global pay/bill/cash flow service provider


Tap into the People 2.0 opportunity engine that allows you to extend into additional revenue streams and become a true one-stop-shop for client recruiting needs. Finally, accomplish all of this without worrying about working capital or adding core staff. Fuel your growth, not your overhead.


Human capital company executives around the world count on People 2.0’s recruiting services and expertise to deploy talent on-demand. With People 2.0 handling all EOR/AOR/SOW responsibilities, our clients are relieved of the administrative and regulatory burdens that can derail their business opportunities. Don’t become burdened by back office demands. Deploy talent – now and into the future – with People 2.0.


Executive Search Firms and Independent Recruiters

You have expertise in finding top quality talent to fill positions in your clients’ organizations. Often, the dominant focus of independent recruiters has been on direct-hire opportunities. Today, your clients are embracing the benefits of a global contingent workforce and there is an undeniable growing demand by end-user client companies to outsource the engagement of such a workforce to a third party capable of meeting their needs almost anywhere in the world.  Without the resources to support this workforce paradigm shift, Independent Recruiters have had to say “no” and miss out on the opportunity to fully service their clients.


With People 2.0’s EOR/AOR/SOW on-demand global workforce deployment platform, it’s time you say “yes” and meet all of your clients’ needs. Plus, grow your business into a recurring revenue machine – without adding any new staff, worrying about working capital, or adding any new fixed costs.


Join the thousands of independent recruiters and firms already growing with People 2.0. Our breadth of services and depth of experience delivers:

  • National and international Employer of Record/Agent of Record/Statement of Work services
  • Comprehensive back office solutions including payroll processing, competitive benefit solutions, invoicing, tax reporting, risk management, credit analysis, collection assistance, and complete working capital solutions
  • Subject Matter Experts who work with you to directly navigate and advise on all matters relating to your highly sought-after contingent workforce
  • Opportunities for efficient, scalable growth. When you’re part of the People 2.0 network, you can operate in all 50 states and around the globe – a path to unlimited expansion!


Your clients have increasingly complex needs for a contingent workforce. Be their go-to, problem-solving professional for all recruiting needs and leave the back office work to People 2.0. We’ve got your back.

Online Recruiter Platforms

You’ve invested your time, intellect, money, energy, and passion into developing a leading-edge technology platform that’s revolutionizing the world of sourcing quality talent. In a direct-hire environment, your solution works beautifully, with impressive performance that makes life easier and lowers the cost for your diverse end-users. With this excellence now achieved, a next-stage opportunity has emerged to assist your clients and candidates by offering a best-in-class EOR/AOR/SOW solution to  employ/deploy a global contingent workforce.


Enter People 2.0 as your Employer/Agent of Record/Statement of Work partner. With People 2.0, you can easily deploy workers both nationally and internationally. Confidently expand the capabilities while relying on the People 2.0 comprehensive back office solution, including:

  • Payroll processing and workforce analytics
  • Competitive benefit solutions for the contingent workforce
  • Invoice processing along with credit and collections
  • Payroll, sales and use tax reporting
  • Risk management
  • Credit analysis and collection assistance
  • Complete working capital solutions
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You’ve developed an expert RPO team that identifies contingent talent on a real-time basis to best meet your clients’ human capital needs. Your clients respect and trust you as an extension of their business. When hiring needs arise, you are their first call because you always deliver.


Now their hiring needs are changing. Your clients are embracing the benefits of a global contingent workforce and there is an undeniable demand for immediate EOR/AOR capabilities. This creates a new level of complexity in your business. You want to take advantage of the new opportunity, yet don’t want to dilute your focus on the core strengths and competencies that have been key drivers of your success and reputation.


Find the answer at People 2.0, where our Employer/Agent of Record/Statement of Work solution allows you to easily fulfill client demand for workers, both nationally and internationally. A client seeking to outsource the employment/deployment of workers identified by your RPO placement solution opportunity should never pass you by!


Confidently grow your business while relying on People 2.0’s on-demand global workforce deployment platform for all of your EOR/AOR/SOW business process outsourcing needs. Our services include:

  • Timely and immediate on/off boarding capabilities
  • Payroll funding/processing and workforce analytics
  • Competitive benefit solutions for the contingent worker
  • Invoice processing along with credit and collections
  • Payroll, sales and use tax reporting
  • Risk management
  • Credit analysis and collection assistance
  • Complete working capital solutions


Meet the demand of the market more easily by relying on People 2.0 to handle activity regarding global workforce deployment, compliance, and back office processing.

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