Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed Service Providers

Independent Contractor (IC) Compliance, Employer of Record, and Payrolling Solutions for Enterprise Contingent Workforce Programs


As a managed services provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) provider, you’re tasked with helping your enterprise clients onboard and manage pre-identified and self-sourced contract workers. You need to streamline their processes and save them money, while mitigating your clients’ risk when classifying, employing, and paying contingent workers.


As such, an IC-compliance, employer-of-record (EOR) and payrolling solution can ensure your enterprise clients and their niche suppliers are compliantly employing their contract workers.


With People 2.0 as your partner, we can help you proactively meet and exceed your enterprise clients’ compliance expectations, while streamlining the process through a single vendor, and saving your clients money. We’ll compliantly employ and pay your clients’ contract workers, as well as absorb your administrative, insurance, and regulatory compliance burdens.


Our Services

  • Comprehensive solution for administering pre-identified and self-sourced contract workers
  • Global employer-of-record capabilities in 60+ countries
  • Independent contractor audit and classification
  • Seamless processes and technology integration capabilities
  • End-to-end solution, including onboarding, time and expense management and consolidated invoicing
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and risk management
  • Administer jobs in all job categories, including industrial, light industrial, professional, and healthcare
  • Bring non-compliant niche suppliers to a compliant level


Add more value to your client relationships, and embed your role as a key service provider by leveraging People 2.0’s vendor-neutral services.

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