Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Rely on a Single, One-Stop, Global, On-Demand Contingent Workforce Deployment Platform

Solve Complex Hiring Challenges with a Single Reliable Partner

Improve Your Time to Fill, Reduce Deployment Complexities, Consolidate Data Sourcing and Gain Access to Additional Talent Markets


As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your business provides an increasingly essential service in the procurement and management of your client’s contingent workforce programs. Delivering the right-fit workforce on time involves managing a multitude of third party service providers—some of which may not be able to meet your contract staffing demands in an efficient or consistent way. Your job is further complicated when you attempt to generate data and reports from a host of various technologies in use by your staffing/recruiter suppliers.


At People 2.0, we provide you efficiency and assurance that a single EOR/AOR global contingent workforce deployment platform can meet, if not exceed, your contract requirements. By embracing People 2.0’s global services, you will benefit from a new level of business rigor—all from a single technology platform designed to generate the data and reports you need in order to run and manage your business. People 2.0’s EOR/AOR platform can also support your client’s self-sourcing programs that identify retirees, independent contractors, freelancers, silver medalists, or referrals that wind up as “rogue hires” within your client’s organizations.


Using the People 2.0 EOR/AOR/SOW partnership and global workforce deployment platform, you:

  • gain unparalleled, proven expertise in developing and managing programs for onboarding and deploying a contingent workforce
  • gain access to valuable technology, business analytics, and services to seamlessly deploy your clients’ global contingent workforce
  • need not be concerned with business requirements regarding insurance, ability to manage risk and/or working capital
  • can more quickly and appropriately classify and deploy your self-sourced talent
  • will improve contract compliance and worker on/off boarding efficiency


Add more value to your client relationships by partnering with one of the largest service providers in the Human Capital Services space, thereby affording you the ability to embed your role as a key service provider. Solve your clients’ complex hiring challenges and say “yes” to all of your clients’ needs for talent engagement.

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