Compliance Service Companies

Extend EOR/AOR Solution Without Any of the Risk

Add More Value to Your Clients and
Solve Their Potential EOR/AOR Challenges

Navigate the Complexities of Workforce Engagement


The data is clear: the gig economy workforce will double by 2021. This growth, combined with the increasing corporate desire for more flexible options, reveals an unprecedented rise in the number of independent contractors. As this trend continues, so will the demand for third-party compliance services. In fact, the need for your compliance services has never been greater.


As an expert in compliance, you know better than anyone the risk and potential cost involved with misclassification of employees. It’s your job to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions.


The question is, what is an employer (your client) to do when your efforts reveal that a large percentage of their critical independent contractors have been inappropriately classified? How can they handle this problem when hiring full-time W-2 employees is not a desired option?


Solve this problem by partnering with People 2.0 to eliminate your clients’ legal vulnerability with a comprehensive Employer of Record solution. Meanwhile, your company assumes none of the employment risk, administrative duties, or regulatory burdens.


Leave the EOR issues to People 2.0, as we provide:

  • Payroll processing and workforce analytics
  • Competitive benefit solutions for the contingent worker
  • Invoice processing, along with credit and collections
  • Payroll, sales and use tax reporting
  • Risk management
  • Credit analysis and collection assistance
  • Complete working capital solutions


With the People 2.0 global workforce deployment platform, you can focus on your compliance expertise and classification solution. In addition, People 2.0 can become the EOR/AOR for the contractors thereby relieving your client of another costly administrative burden. Be a one-stop shop to help your clients solve all of their compliance-related challenges associated with deploying a contingent workforce–locally, nationally, and around the globe.

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