Compliance Companies and Consultants

Extend EOR/AOR Solution Without Any of the Risk

Compliance Companies and Consultants

Back-Office Services for Compliance Companies and Consultants


As the number of independent contractors (ICs) in the workforce rises, so does the demand for compliance companies. As an expert in compliance, you know better than anyone the consequences of independent contractor misclassification, and it’s your job to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions.


What should a client do when your efforts reveal that a large percentage of their critical ICs have been inappropriately classified? How can they handle this problem when hiring full-time, temporary employees is not a desired option?


Solve this problem by partnering with People 2.0 to eliminate your clients’ legal vulnerability with a comprehensive employer-of-record (EOR) and IC administration solution.


Further, for niche-market consultants working to advise clients on how to eliminate employment risks: you know these workers need to be employed and paid compliantly on an ongoing basis. Why not recommend a trusted service provider to ensure compliance, while furthering your consultative reach and generating a recurring revenue stream for your business?


With People 2.0 by your side, you will assume none of the employment risk, administrative duties, or regulatory burdens. We take care of the administrative details, so you don’t have to.


Our Services

  • Global employer-of-record payroll services, including payroll, sales, and tax reporting
  • Indemnification for misclassification and employment risk
  • End-to-end solution, including onboarding, time and expense management and consolidated invoicing
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and risk management
  • Seamless processes and technology integration capabilities
  • Competitive benefit solutions for contingent workers
  • Invoicing, accounts receivable and collections management
  • Workforce analytics


Focus on your expertise and core offerings. With People 2.0 as your partner, you can become a one-stop shop to help your clients solve all of the compliance-related challenges associated with deploying a contingent workforce in the US, Canada, and over 60+ other countries, while building an annuity stream and growing your business.

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