Veterans Bring Excellence to the Civilian Workforce

Veterans Bring Excellence to the Civilian Workforce

Published November 11, 2019

As we observe Veteran’s Day 2019, People 2.0 would like to recognize all the men and women in the illustrious history of these United States who’ve served with honor, integrity and the highest levels of patriotism. We thank all those who’ve fought and died to help protect our more dearly cherished values and the American way of life. We’d also like to take a moment to express deep gratitude for military families who endure the uncertainty of having loved ones in harm’s way day after day. Beyond the selfless service exhibited by our veterans, American combat veterans are respected by workforce management professionals and are sought after from a workforce management standpoint. Here’s why!

The American Armed Services are the preeminent fighting force on the planet. Part of their superiority (you know, besides the bravery, dedication, honor and valor) is derived from the extent to which the US Armed Forces leverage cutting edge technologies to wage war and peace. Whether it is engineering, systems integrations, automation tech, or even more specialized occupational activities like nuclear science, laser guidance systems and a panoply of other high-tech pursuits, the armed forces rely heavily on technologies. They invest significant time and money into training the greatest fighting force to be highly technically proficient.

In the civilian world, the demand continues to be extremely high for talent with high technology skill sets. The skills and experiences found in military veterans is precisely what so many organizations need to help with their own technology projects and initiatives. That is why savvy staffing suppliers, project agencies and hiring organizations make great effort to recruit veterans as they matriculate back into civilian life at the end of their time serving in the military.

Its not just the technology education possessed by veterans that makes them so valuable to the civilian labor force and those tasked with workforce management. Beyond the educational experience, military veterans are also commonly found to possess strong leadership and organizational skills. The discipline and allegiance fostered in the American fighting man and woman is of paramount importance to the success of military operations all over the world, and often under challenging conditions.
Once up and running in a new foreign market, the hiring organization would require teams of accountants, payroll managers, HR specialists and lawyers to keep operations running smoothly in each locale. This adds another significant layer of cost to the equation.

In the civilian world of business, while the stakes may not ever be life or death, there is still quite a bit at stake. Hiring workers with discipline, dedication and leadership potential is a paramount concern for organizations that wish to excel and best the competition. Again, this is why smart organizations develop and maintain programs designed to attract and retain US military veterans.

So this Veteran’s Day, we salute the amazing people who make up our armed services and we invite them to connect with us upon the conclusion of their service so we can help connect them with the extraordinary demand for the top-performing resources they all are. Contact us today to learn more.