The Ups and Downs of Healthcare Staffing: What’s to Come in 2019 and Other Key Takeaways from HCSS 2018

The Ups and Downs of Healthcare Staffing: What’s to Come in 2019 and Other Key Takeaways from HCSS 2018

SIA’s Healthcare Staffing Summit (HCSS) 2018, which took place November 5 – 7 in Denver, CO, explored the current and future landscapes of healthcare and its impact on staffing. Jam-packed with various keynotes and sessions—led by experts from all corners of the industry—the conference provided attendees with diverse insights to help make stronger and smarter business decisions.

The Outlook for Healthcare Staffing

SIA’s Director of Research Tony Gregoire’s opening keynote speech touched on the latest healthcare staffing market forecasts and surveys, discussed long-term trends, and addressed the challenges and opportunities they pose for staffing firms.

Noting how the past few years have made it a great time to be in the healthcare staffing realm, Gregoire spoke to how 2018 brought the opposite of everything expected. Given policies and numbers surrounding enrollment a year ago, it was expected that overall enrollment would decrease. However, the industry noted a rise in premiums in both 2017 and 2018.

As such, to correct the excessive rate increase in 2018, premiums are expected to go down in 2019. Other industry and healthcare trends, including legislation (e.g. approved Medicaid work requirement implementations, California’s universal healthcare bill passing, etc.), a rise in younger generation nurses, a recent uptick in quit rates, continuous unemployment rate declines, and increases in outpatient and US temp allied roles are all projected to play a part in shaping the landscape for healthcare staffing in 2019.

Notable Sessions with Key Healthcare Staffing Business Insights

This year’s HCSS offered several hard-hitting, informative sessions. The following workshops, which were all held panel-style and moderated by SIA, were ones we found particularly noteworthy:

  • “Maximizing the 4 R’s of HC Staffing – Recruiting, Retention, Relationships & Revenue.” In this session, panel members from leading healthcare staffing organizations discussed the tools, strategy, and culture necessary to attract and retain candidates for staffing companies and their clients, as well as how to turn those relationships into annuity. Throughout the session, panelists noted the success they’ve found by creating a referral culture, launching an MSP program, and positioning roles as a “next step” in a candidate’s career versus just selling another job. They also spoke to the invaluableness of going to visit clients to cut down on cancellations, using business intelligence and market analytics to get in front of trends and seasonal needs, and offering training and in-office perks (e.g. health snacks, parking lot boot camps, nutritionists, etc.), while eliminating barriers, to retain great recruiters.
  • “Breaking Through the Barriers to Growth.” During this workshop, panelists from successful healthcare staffing companies revealed what separates top-performing staffing firms from the rest, and what they do to allow for them to grown faster and more consistently than their peers. Noting five key disciplines of high-functioning staffing firms, panel members highlighted the importance of committing to growth, providing a clear strategy for direction, fostering a solid culture starting with company leadership, developing your talent, and offering training opportunities.
  • “Beating the Skills Mismatch: Innovative Methods for Supplying Talent.” In this seminar, panelists talked about ways they are winning the war on talent, while dealing with the length of the current economic expansion, heightened requirements demanded in job requisitions, and demographic shifts that all attribute to recruiting difficulty. Speaking directly to their healthcare staffing company experiences, one panelist argued in favor of always looking at the process through the candidate’s point of view, while providing transparency with everything their company does. Meanwhile, other panel members offered insights around providing a better experience for the healthcare recruiting online space via building smart profiles, utilizing digital marketing, evaluating sourcing channels, and incorporating technology and AI where appropriate.

People 2.0 was honored to serve as a sponsor and exhibitor at HCSS, and applauds the extraordinary effort SIA put into offering inspirational speakers, as well as great learning, networking, and development for all involved!

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