Networking Strategies for Recruiters

Networking Strategies for Recruiters

Recruiters rely on networking. Almost anyone you encounter could be a client or a candidate. Whether you meet them at the gym or scope out their profile on LinkedIn, you never know who will prove to be a valuable lead.

Networking is one of the most crucial parts of any recruiter’s job. If you’re not networking, you could be restricting your agency’s growth, either by not finding new clients or by not being able to source the candidates you need.

Recruiters sometimes find networking intimidating. After all, there are many different ways to go about it, and every social interaction could become a lead. How can you be sure what you’re doing is effective?

Try a few of these strategies to improve your networking efforts. Maybe you’re using some already. If so, you’re likely well on your way to recruiter success. If you haven’t tried these activities yet, the good news is it’s easy to get started.


Leverage the World of Social Media

The internet has made networking easier than ever. If you’re a recruiter, one of your first stops might be LinkedIn. On this social platform, you can connect with a number of different professionals.

You can also seek out potential clients and candidates on other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind that social media platforms have different demographics.

Don’t be afraid of networking with almost anyone on these platforms. It’s often tempting to aim for the top, connecting with CEOs and other members of the C-suite. You should also connect with hiring managers and other professionals. You may not think an engineer is a useful connection, but they could be involved in hiring decisions for their department.

Some of these people might also be passive candidates. They’re not looking for work right now, but they’d be open to the right opportunity.


Connect with Other Recruiters

As an independent recruiter, you may see all other recruiters as your competition. As such, you try to avoid them at conferences or on LinkedIn.

You should embrace other recruitment professionals. You never know who is going to move into a role as a hiring manager. Maybe someone refers a new client to you because you have expertise in a particular area.

Other recruiters also have the benefit of experience and insights on best practice. Getting great advice is never easier than when you can crowdsource the wisdom of numerous recruiters.


Research Events and Choose the Right Ones

If you’re a recruiting expert for the IT industry, it makes sense to attend a conference for cybersecurity professionals. If you primarily recruit engineers for the oil industry, this conference might have little to offer.

Research conferences and other networking events carefully. Choose those that most benefit you. Events that speak to your niche are good choices.

If you find it difficult to approach new people once you’re at the conference, there are some tactics that can help. One is to pretend you’re the host of the event. Since every host wants to make sure their attendees are having a good time, this mental roleplay can make it easier to approach other attendees.


Be Prepared

If you do head out to a conference or another event, make sure you’ve created a plan beforehand. Try to scope out some of the other attendees and ask if they’d like to meet with you.

Remember to be prepared whenever you head to a meeting. Keep business cards on hand.

These strategies can help as you try to network more effectively. By connecting with more people, you’ll grow not only your network but your business too.