Infographic: Learn How to Style Flex for More Impactful Communication & Connections

Want to make a bigger impact in your professional communication style? Try “Style-flexing.” The concept of style-flexing is based on the notion that people have different styles of communicating. Though there is a wide spectrum of communication styles, a good way to understand someone else’s style is to determine if they are more “people-focused” or “task-focused” and if they process information quickly or slowly.

By adjusting your communication style to meet the needs of the person you’re talking to, you’ll be better set up for success. Likewise, by identifying your own style and recognizing how people may perceive you, you’ll be in a position to make adjustments that allow for more impactful communication.

The content in this infographic was sourced from a People 2.0 Recruiter Training Program featuring leadership expert Pamela Jett called Cultivating Happy Hiring Managers. To view the full program, including a more in-depth lesson on style-flexing, please visit our content library.

Learn How to Style Flex Infographic