Innovative Ideas to Move Your Staffing Business Forward, Part 3

Innovative Ideas to Move Your Staffing Business Forward, Part 3

You should never have a shortage of ideas! In case you missed them, be sure to check out other ideas from Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series.


Idea #9 – Overcommunicate to talent. Your talent is your brand.

According to Harvard Business School, companies with a better talent engagement methodology experienced 350% above-normal gross profit growth. Your talent is clearly your greatest advantage, but are you treating them as such? You should be relying on your talent to serve as your marketing machine and brand ambassadors of your company. They are already engaged with you and the investment has been made, so further that engagement!

Remember, process equals profitability. Ask yourself: who is responsible for talent management inside my company? Do I have a plan? Your process should be centered around having your current talent truly represent your interests via their placement and their engagement with the industry and your clients. Furthermore, it’s important to gather insight and feedback from your current talent, and look for ways to incorporate what they’re saying into your business plans and actions. By developing a plan that specifies what you expect from your talent and engages with their feedback, they can serve as your best brand agent in the marketplace.


Idea #10 – Measure recruiting metrics that make a difference, not just what everyone else is measuring.

Business IntelligenceTime-to-fill, cost-to-hire, and calls-per-day have been the baseline metrics in staffing for ages; outbound calls or submit-to-hire ratio are no longer the best metrics. Have you considered what more insightful measurements could mean to your organization and give you greater advantage over the competition?

In addition to affordable analytics tools to purchase, there are dynamic tools within Microsoft Office that you may not be taking advantage of. For example, you can use Power Pivot in Excel to export millions of rows of data from your applicant tracking system, and measure and analyze in various ways to see your data in a fresh light.


Idea #11 – Implement and utilize a true, enterprise sales communication tool

If you have more than one office location or one branch, does every location know what the other is doing? Do they have to be inside of the branch to see what others are doing at a client? Are they talking verticalization? Does your person selling to finance and accounting business know what the people selling to IT are doing?

It’s important to implement a sales communication tool across your sales and recruiting teams, and develop a cyclical process that enables full visibility into the sales cycle with a client. By using a tool, your teams can leverage things you’ve already done, while helping with scalability and overall growth.


If you’re feeling inspired for more, here is the final installment of our innovative-ideas blog-series.


Source: “28 Rapid-Fire Ideas to Rock Your Staffing Business,” 2018 SIA Executive Forum North America. Ideas presented by panelists: Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner, Butler Street; Eric Jaquith, Director of Talent Acquisition, CDI Corp.; Chris Martin, SVP, Randstad Technologies.