Back Office Support Is the Answer to All Your Staffing Agency Headaches

Back Office Support Is the Answer to All Your Staffing Agency Headaches

Running a staffing agency is no walk in the park. It requires plenty of grit, lots of effort, and a good deal of passion. Even with all those things in play, you’ll still run into some of the most common issues facing staffing agencies. The market is competitive, and in Canada, competition has been heating up. Support for your back office could be the answer you’re looking for.

What is back office support?

A back office service provider helps you take care of all the behind-the-scenes tasks in your business, including payroll, compliance, and other administrative tasks. Here’s how it could help you overcome some of the most common challenges staffing agencies face today.


What Back Office Support Does

Support for your back office is the answer to many of the issues facing your staffing agency. If, for example, you’re finding you have less and less time to deal with payroll in an effective and timely manner, back office support is the answer.

Support services for your back office deal with a variety of different tasks. You may need someone to execute payroll, as mentioned, or you might need someone to look after the books more closely. Another common service is help with compliance. Good support for the back office also provides other administrative services, including accounts receivable, payroll funding, and help with your taxes.

It should be obvious how support for the back office can help you tackle many of the time-intensive tasks facing your staffing firm.


How Do You Know You Need Back Office Services?

The next question most staffing agency owners have is how to tell they need support for the back office. Yes, administering payroll is sometimes a pain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need help.

It could be one sign, among others. If you’re struggling to finish up with payroll or cheques are always late, it’s probably time to engage support services for your back office. Other signs include a high rate of error and issues remitting to the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA may even levy penalties or conduct an audit, which costs your business.

If other tasks are also going unfinished or neglected, it’s likely time to consider back office support for your business.


How Does It Help?

Many business owners see getting this kind of support as a “nice to have,” not a necessity. The truth is you don’t need to manage everything on your own. It could even be more cost effective to get a helping hand.

One of the reasons staffing agency owners resist partnering with a third party for their back office is that they’re concerned about costs. In the long run, however, back office support will likely cost you less. Late payments, tight cash flows and debt repayment, errors in payroll, missed tax credits, and more can run up costs for your business. With back office support, these costs are reduced or eliminated.

Proper support in the back office can help you get things done correctly and on time, each and every time. In turn, you can focus on the things you need to pay the most attention to, such as sourcing the right candidates, winning over clients, and placing the right people with the right businesses.


The Answer to all Your Troubles

Getting back office support may not seem that important, especially in the face of some of the issues a staffing agency can face. It’s probably one of the easiest and most robust solutions you can engage for your firm, however.

If you’re still wondering how support services for the back office could benefit your business, talk to a provider today. They can illustrate just how support services could benefit your business and allow you to keep growing.