5 Ways to Recognize Your Temporary and Contract Employees During National Staffing Employee Week

5 Ways to Recognize Your Temporary and Contract Employees During National Staffing Employee Week

National Staffing Employee Week LogoNational Staffing Employee Week—running September 24-30—serves to celebrate the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing agencies, like yours!


With more than three million temporary and contract employees working for American staffing companies during an average week, it’s important to recognize these workers for all they provide for your business and your clients!


With that being said, here are five ways your staffing company can celebrate National Staffing Employee Week:



Providing your contract and temporary employees with a small gift is not only a nice way to say thanks, but it can serve as way to make them feel more included and appreciated in your organization. Gifts can include anything from your company’s swag (e.g. t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.), to gift cards for popular restaurants or retailers.

Additionally, you can give away small gadgets that everyone can use, like portable phone chargers or webcam covers. Whether your budget allows you to offer a large or smaller gift, providing your employees with a little something is guaranteed to go a long way!



A simple, but effective way to recognize your temporary and contract employees is as simple as giving them a shout out! Craft a genuine, thank-you email, flyer, or mailer to send out to all of your employees acknowledging and expressing gratitude for all the hard work they’ve done. To further demonstrate your appreciation, you can recognize their efforts publically via your website and social media channels.

If you want to take a personal approach, there are a few avenues you can pursue to make individual contractors feel noticed.  Reach out to your client’s hiring managers to see if they can provide some nice feedback about an employee’s work ethic, attitude, and skills. Further, if you have worked directly with a specific temporary or contract employee and feel you are equipped to speak about them professionally, consider leaving a recommendation review on their LinkedIn.



If you want an approach that requires employees’ active participation, consider holding a virtual raffle. Once you identify a gift to raffle off (e.g. cash prize, gift card, electronic device, etc.), set parameters around the timeline and who gets to enter (e.g. active workers who have successfully completed at least one placement in 2018), based on what makes the most sense for your business.

To get your employees more involved, come up with ways for them to earn more entries! A couple examples include having them complete a company survey of some sort, or posting something about your company on their LinkedIn, using a customized hashtag to help you track entries.



Strengthen your client relationships and offer some of the more-desired rewards contractors want by partnering with your client for National Staffing Employee Week. Reach out to your clients and see if they know about the week, and if they have any interest in teaming up to recognize all the hard work your temporary and contract workers provide for their business.

Depending on where the employee is placed/the nature of the job, consider offering assignment-specific incentives, such as time off, small bonuses, a company-sponsored happy hour, team lunch, training opportunities, jeans days, etc.



Use this week as inspiration for celebrating your temporary and contract workers all year long! Propose starting an employee spotlight that highlights the good work individual workers are doing, and develop guidelines around what the project could look like (e.g. the selection process, how to feature them, any awards, etc.).

Whether you opt to do it weekly or monthly, choosing to recognize these employees on a frequent basis can serve to make them feel more valued and stay motivated!



In an industry that’s all about relationships, it’s important to remember that we all want to be acknowledged for our hard work, and to know that what we do matters and makes an impact; National Staffing Employee Week provides you with the opportunity to do just that!

Interested in participating? Click here to download the ASA’s official National Staffing Employee Week image (above) for any of your promotional collateral. Also, make sure to include the official hashtags #NationalStaffingEmployeeWeek or #StaffingStars in your social media posts.


Source: American Staffing Association (ASA), “Staffing Industry Statistics.”