5 Secrets to a High-Performing Independent Recruiting Services Business

5 Secrets to a High-Performing Independent Recruiting Services Business

You’ve reviewed your resources, and it’s time. You’re going to make the leap to running your own independent recruiting services business. Or maybe you’ve already taken this step and you’re now in the middle of learning how to grow your business.

In either case, you’re asking what the secrets are to ensuring success. What can you do to turn your start-up into a high-performing powerhouse in the recruiting industry?

These five secrets will help you unlock your business’s potential.


1. Independent Recruiting Services Go Niche

As an independent recruiter, you’re likely wondering how you can compete with the large, national staffing firms. They seem to service every industry across every part of the country. How can you possibly go toe-to-toe with them?

One secret for those offering independent recruiting services is to go niche. Instead of going wide, think narrow.

You no doubt have expertise in one area or another, and you may be able to offer more in-depth knowledge in the technology industry or the manufacturing industry. This is a competitive advantage for a smaller business like yours; it allows you to focus your limited resources on an area you excel in.

If you want better performance, think depth over breadth.


2. Innovate with Your Recruiting Services Offerings

What kinds of offerings do you provide for your clients? If you only offer permanent placements, it’s time to rethink this strategy.

You may not want to go wide in the sense that you offer services to all industries or all geographic areas, but you should offer a wide array of services in the areas you specialize in. Your clients in the manufacturing industry will know they can come to you for all their hiring needs.

A great first step is offering contract staffing services. This may seem like the domain of the big staffing firms, but it’s easier than ever for independent recruiters to offer this option to their clients.


3. Work with a Back Office Provider

If you want better performance for your independent recruiting services, it’s time to take the administrative load off your desk. Functions like payroll and compliance are integral to your business, but they’re also bogging you down.

If higher performance is on the list, it’s time to send those tasks to someone else. Team up with a back office provider to find operational efficiency. With your time freed up, you can get back to your core tasks.


4. Focus on the Experience

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Why do your clients keep working with you? Why do your job candidates come back again?

In the past couple of years, there has been more talk about the experience of working with an independent recruiting services business. You’ll want to think about both the candidate experience and the client experience.

Pinpoint why your clients want to work with you. If there were clients who parted ways with you, ask yourself why they didn’t come back and what you could do to change it. Ask your current clients what they wish you could do better.

The same is true of candidates. Ask why they love working with you, and ask what makes it less pleasant. Focus on improving the candidate experience to keep job seekers coming back.


5. Invest in Your Technology

Take a moment to consider the technology you’re using. If your systems are outdated, you may not be able to perform the way you want to. New technological tools will help you improve efficiency in the business.

In turn, you can improve operations by leveraging these new technologies. Can you improve the screening process for candidates? Does a new applicant tracking system mean it’s easier to sort the best candidates from the rest?

These tips are designed to help you transform your independent recruiting services business. If you want to power performance, look no further.