4 Smart Reasons to Become an Independent Recruiter

4 Smart Reasons to Become an Independent Recruiter

Given this situation, you might wonder what the best role is in the staffing industry. Yes, you could go work for a large staffing agency. In fact, you might already be working for someone else, either at a large agency or at a smaller firm.

Have you thought about striking out on your own? There are many good reasons to become an independent recruiter. Here are a few smart reasons you’ll want to consider as you weigh your career options.


1. You Get to Be Your Own Boss When You Become an Independent Recruiter

This is the number-one reason people choose to become an independent recruiter. Instead of working for someone else, you get to be the one in charge. This means you have more leverage and decision-making power.

While being an independent recruiter has its challenges, it also means you can easily decide the business direction. If you want to specialize in a particular area or you want to take the business in another direction to better serve your clients, you can.


2. You Want to Offer the Best Possible Customer Service

Many clients have been turning to large staffing agencies because they offer the best price or access to a larger pool of job candidates. In some cases, the large agencies are better able to offer a wider array of services.

If you ask around, however, very few will claim the large agencies provide the best customer service. In fact, most clients would actually prefer to work with an independent recruiter. Independent recruiters usually work closely with their clients, and their customer service is often considered the best in the industry.

The number-one reason clients work with large agencies is due to their ability to provide more services. When they need the best candidate for the job or a permanent hire, however, most will turn to an independent.

If you love providing the best possible customer service to your clients, then the decision to become an independent recruiter could be the right move.


3. You Can Compete with Large Agencies

One of the big drawbacks to becoming an independent recruiter is the need to compete with the large staffing agencies. You may believe you can’t actually compete with them. Many independent recruiters have lost business to these agencies over the years.

That being said, clients still prefer independent recruiters, and they’d gladly work with you if you could provide the same services. The good news is that you can easily offer the same services to your client.

Working with a third party vendor for back-office and administrative support can help you offer services like fixed-term contracts to your clients.


4. Your Agency Can Grow the Way You Want

When you work for someone else, you have relatively little control over the direction of the business.

When you become an independent recruiter, you get to decide the best way to grow your business. Is it specializing? Perhaps it’s branching out and offering more services, or maybe it’s focusing more closely on providing excellent customer service to a few clients.

If you become an independent recruiter, you’ll be able to serve the staffing industry and its clients the way you see fit.