3 Website Marketing Strategies Your Firm Should Focus On

3 Website Marketing Strategies Your Firm Should Focus On

Published September 27, 2019

Marketing your staffing or recruiting firm is very different today than it was a few years ago, as we are experiencing a fundamental change in customer buying behavior. Clients no longer take cold calls or accept lunch meetings in hopes to make a connection for their next partner.

Today, since most consumers finding out about products and services by searching online, marketing has become a crucial aspect for businesses when attracting potential clients—especially when it comes to your company’s website. Not only is it important to make sure that you’re keeping your company’s website relevant and easily navigable, but that you also utilize strategies that attract viewers and keep them there!

As such, here are three marketing strategies your firm should focus on to ensure your website is attracting the right types of prospects to your firm, and helping you win new business!


Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Enabled

In the human capital industry, it is critical that your site is mobile friendly. Your prospective candidates are using mobile devices to search for potential positions, ask questions, register online, and upload resumes. If your firm doesn’t have a responsive mobile site, potential candidates will just give up and leave. It should be easy to find, read, and navigate on any device.

Further, you also have to ensure your email marketing messages are mobile friendly. Everyone uses mobile devices to check their email, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the go. Don’t turn off prospects with messages that are difficult to read on phones and tablets.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your online marketing strategy needs to incorporate an effective SEO campaign. Keep in mind that this is not a one-time thing. Google is always updating its algorithms for search since their goal is to deliver users the most relevant search results. Your firm’s ongoing success depends on improved search engine results and website traffic, so don’t neglect this key component of online marketing.

If you do not have a marketing team who knows SEO well, or do not have a lot of experience yourself, you can always call upon a third-party provider to ensure you’re meeting the mark!

Focus on Blogging Frequently

Blogging is often overlooked, as it is a time-consuming task that tends to fall low on the priority list. However, candidates and clients are online and they’re reading content, so you should create a company blog that can continually generate quality content to share online.

There are many benefits to blogging for business. Use it to educate clients and candidates, build your brand, gain trust, establish credibility, increase visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads.

Your blog should also be SEO and social-media friendly, to improve your search engine ranking and facilitate easy sharing on social media. If you can’t find the time to blog regularly, consider delegating the task to your staff or outsourcing the content creation.


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