Recruiters: How to Prepare for New Year Turnover

Employee turnover is known to spike after the holiday season, which means you’ll likely have some employees handing in their notices in the next month or so. There are many reasons for this. For one, it’s when most companies start their hiring blitzes. Hiring is typically on hold during the more relaxed holiday season. After all, many decision makers are on holiday during Q4. HR is typically pretty busy with year-end payroll compliance, and benefits administrative duties, too, so hiring often takes a backseat at this time. 

Further, some employees wait for their year-end vacations and bonuses before taking the big step of changing jobs. For some, the New Year is the right time to reinvent themselves with a new role, go for that big career change in a new industry, go from seasonal work to full-time work, or otherwise make changes that affect their working relationship with their companies.  

Once Q1 rolls around, people are more likely to start making big career moves. This is important for talent procurement companies like recruiters and staffing agencies to keep in mind as January nears. Knowing high turnover is near for many of your clients, you can adequately prepare for the influx of orders now—before it’s too late.

Recruit Passive Candidates Early

Passive candidates are already employed and more or less happy where they are. They aren’t actively looking for work. However, they may be open to a new opportunity should one present itself. Passive candidates represent a great talent pool. They’re typically talented, sought-after, and experienced. It can pay dividends to put in the effort to recruit these types of candidates for your clients. 

Knowing that many workers are at least considering moving on from their companies in January, this is a great time to start conversations with top talent. The right timing might be just what you need to get them on board. When it comes to recruiting passive candidates, LinkedIn can be a valuable resource since you can search for existing employees at top companies and go from there. It’s important to note that you’ll probably need some great offers to beat their current situation with their employers, however. Discretion is also going to be the name of the game with these candidates. 

Start Interviewing Now

You might not have gotten any urgent requests for workers yet, but you should expect them soon. For this reason, you should start interviewing now so you can have a good candidate pool of pre-qualified job seekers for clients to choose from in January. They’ll appreciate the fact that you’re prepared, and they can fill their empty roles quickly. 

When interviewing candidates early, it’s important to create an ongoing communications strategy. This will ensure that you follow up with job seekers on a regular basis to keep them engaged and motivated until open roles start to roll in. Ghosting candidates or leaving big gaps in communications between now and 2021 will only hurt your employer brand. 

Encourage Clients to Hire Temporary Workers over the Holidays

Most of your clients will see some turnover come the new year, whether they anticipate it or not. Recommending to them that they hire temporary workers over the holiday season can be a great way to show your expertise and enhance your relationship with them. Temporary workers will allow them to not only get the additional help they need to meet increased demand and fill in for employees on vacation in December, but it’ll ensure they have workers trained and ready to take over other employees’ roles if required in January. Many temporary workers would appreciate the chance for a permanent role if one were to come up. 

Help Your Clients Retain Their Employees

To retain your own clients and improve client satisfaction, it’s essential to go beyond recruiting and become known as a valuable resource in employment. You can prove your value to your clients by alerting them to New Year turnover and helping them come up with retention strategies that can help them keep their top employees. 

Measuring employee engagement, motivation, and happiness can help you spot trends in turnover to solve potential problems before they turn into significant turnover issues. Reviewing salaries and benefits to ensure they’re current is another way to help clients’ retain valued employees. Right now, encouraging flexible schedules and better work-life balance is also critical to ensuring employees are happy and remain in their roles. Encouraging development and growth can also increase employee engagement and tenure in a company. 

Ramp up Your Marketing

Apart from helping existing clients fill newly opened roles in January, New Year’s turnover is also an excellent time for you to generate more business. There will be more organizations looking for help with hiring in January, so it’s a great idea to make your services known with effective marketing. 

The way clients find recruiters has changed over the years. These days, digital marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to market your agency without breaking the bank. While some online marketing takes time to see results, like search engine optimization, others can offer you some quick wins over the next month or two. For example, organic social media promotion and paid social media advertising can bring in leads effectively. So can advertising on Google Search. If you have a mailing list of leads, then email marketing is also a great way to remind business owners and HR representatives that you’ve connected with in the past that you can help them fill in new roles caused by New Year turnover. You may also find success in creating a referral program for your existing clients and promoting the program via email and social, too. 

New Year turnover offers you a valuable opportunity to not only generate more business from existing clients but also sign contracts with new clients. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take steps now to prepare for the inevitable January turnover companies are bound to experience soon.

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