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What is an EOR and Who Needs One?

Published October 9, 2019

This week, Staffing Industry Analysts’ word of the week is employer of record, or EOR for short. What is an EOR?

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Supplier Rationalization vs. Optimization: Which Works Best for Your Contingent Workforce Program?

Published October 1, 2019

Supply-base professional, Eric Osterhout shares his experience when it comes to rationalizing vs. optimizing an organization’s supply chain

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3 Website Marketing Strategies Your Firm Should Focus On

Published September 27, 2019

Here are 3 marketing strategies to ensure your website attracts the right prospects to your firm & helps you win new business

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Two Major Barriers That Can Hinder Contract-Recruiting Revenue Streams

Published September 18, 2019

Knowing how to handle these roadblocks can help ensure you realize contract recruiting’s full profit potential

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Understanding The Intricacies of Temp Payroll

Published September 11, 2019

Check out some items to consider when building a payroll business for contract and temporary placements

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Infographic: Asking the Right Recruiting Questions

Published September 5, 2019

By asking the right types of questions during the interview process, you can help your clients see you as an advisor, instead of an order taker!

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Slackers, Clock-Watchers, and Chronic Complainers: How to Spot Disengaged Employees

Published August 26, 2019

High caliber leaders are aware of the “not so obvious” signs that an employee is becoming or is disengaged.

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Payrolling and IC Compliance Trends Your Contingent Workforce Organization Should Be Aware Of

Published August 22, 2019

Here are the various trends & potential opportunities your organization should be aware of when dealing with payrolling & IC compliance.

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Four Reasons Clients Are Drawn To Contract Staffing

Published August 16, 2019

The flexible workforce here to stay & many players in the human capital space are taking advantage of that trend.

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5 Ways To Compete With The Top Staffing Agencies

Published August 6, 2019

Smaller businesses often have many advantages over their larger counterparts—you just need to know how to leverage those advantages correctly!

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