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The Winning Formula to Writing Case Studies

Published July 30, 2019

While case study lengths & formats vary, a good way to ensure that you are best conveying your client success stories is by following a simple formula

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Primary Risk Areas to Consider When Starting a Contract-Placement Business

Published July 24, 2019

These are the primary areas of risk every staffing or recruiting firm need to consider when doing contract placements.

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Why So Many Startup Staffing Agencies Fail

Published July 17, 2019

If you’ve given up a steady salary to start your own recruitment company, you want to take every step you can to ensure you succeed.

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Infographic: Top Ten Reasons To Place Temporary & Contract Workers

Published July 11, 2019

If you’re a perm-placement recruiter that’s considering placing temporary & contract workers, here are 10 reasons you should take the plunge today!

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How Engaged is Your Sales Team?

Published July 2, 2019

84 percent of workers are just “coming to work,” compared to the 16 percent of workers who said they are “fully engaged.”

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Unique Challenges Independent Staffing Firms Face & How to Solve Them, Part 2

Published June 26, 2019

While it may seem overwhelming when so many hurdles stand between you and success, there are solutions available to overcome the obstacles in your way.

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Unique Challenges Independent Staffing Firms Face & How to Solve Them, Part 1

Published June 17, 2019

Independent staffing firms have to manage all aspects of running an agency on their own—making their position particularly difficult.

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4 Benefits of Using an Employer of Record (EOR) Provider

Published June 11, 2019

Serving as an employer of record (EOR) can make you legally vulnerable & take time/resources away from your contract-placement business

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3 Benefits of Contract Staffing for Recruiters

Published June 4, 2019

Check out three, unique benefits recruiters willing to take the plunge into contract recruiting can look forward to.

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Questions Independent Recruiters Need to Ask Before Placing Their First Contract, Pt. 2

Published May 28, 2019

Here’s 4 more questions all independent recruiters should ask themselves before they start placing contract workers!

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