People 2.0 Announces Partnership with Bullhorn

Exton, PA – October 11, 2018

People 2.0 is thrilled to announce our recent partnership go-live with Bullhorn, a global leader in CRM and operations software for the recruitment industry.
Headquartered in Boston, Bullhorn supports more than 8,000 recruitment companies with their staffing and recruiting software—automating the recruitment lifecycle from the front office to the back office.
In partnering with Bullhorn, People 2.0 clients can utilize robust application program interfaces (API) to enable seamless integrations to better current-standing recruitment technology. Specifically, integrating with Bullhorn’s platform provides People 2.0 clients with an easier, streamlined onboarding process to track contractors job assignments from start to finish.
Further, through the People 2.0-Bullhorn relationship, all of the data clients provide on the front end works to inform the following People 2.0 back-office items:

  • Custom hiring packets
  • Onboarding documents
  • Employee records for seamless payroll processing
  • Timekeeping
  • Gross profit margin visibility
  • Weekly real-time reporting for payroll taxes, ACA charges, worker’s compensation, etc.

People 2.0 looks forward to leveraging our partnership with Bullhorn to better equip current and future affiliates with the seamless technology they need to run their staffing and recruiting business. Visit our marketplace page for more information about People 2.0 and Bullhorn’s combined capabilities, or to read our recent Bullhorn blog, click here.




Media Contact:

Jess Zukus
Senior Marketing Manager
People 2.0