People 2.0 Announces New Solutions for Staffing

West Chester, PA – October 8, 2013


People 2.0 announced today that it will premier significant changes in its product and service offerings at the American Staffing Association’s 2013 Staffing World show and convention in Orlando.

People 2.0 is the industry’s leading provider of back office resources and services exclusively for staffing.  Until now, its solutions were sold only in “bundled” plans that included staffing software, payroll processing and an employer of record model as an alternative to PEO services for staffing companies.  This fall the company is expanding its product and service offerings and beginning to offer them in more flexible, “unbundled” plans.

“The idea is to deliver back office solutions that are more effective and cost efficient for staffing companies by bringing greater flexibility and more options for customization.” explained David Van Soest, CEO.

“A great example is in our programs for staffing payroll funding.  We’ve always offered a competitive financing plan, but now there are three different cash flow models staffing companies can choose from, each at different price points.  One of the new plans serves as an alternative to a bank line of credit, working in much the same way, but with a simpler cost structure and easier administration.  And now we offer funding with or without the employer of record arrangement.”

People 2.0 may be best known for its proprietary payroll processing and billing systems, designed specifically for staffing.  Now its back office system is integrated with four different front office staffing applications, to eliminate double entry and cumbersome file exports, and including online timekeeping solutions directly linked to the payroll system.

With People 2.0’s new, unbundled solutions, a staffing firm that prefers to retain their existing front office system for some reason can still use People 2.0’s back office system and, if desired, opt for a payroll processing service designed specifically for staffing.

As People 2.0 announces new, unbundled options, Van Soest says it is seeing renewed interest in its original, employer of record (EOR) model.  “Workers’ compensation for staffing firms has become more and more difficult—particularly in the commercial sector.  In our EOR model, we bring staffing companies greater stability and ways to contain those costs that are not available in the insurance marketplace today.

“We’re very sensitive to the margin compression so many staffing companies have experienced in recent years.  We’ve focused on bringing greater flexibility so staffing companies can get exactly what they need to remain competitive and profitable.”

As one of seven Corporate Partners to the American Staffing Association, People 2.0 is a leading sponsor and exhibitor at Staffing World 2013, October 8 – 10 in Orlando, Florida.




Media Contact:

Jess Zukus
Senior Marketing Manager
People 2.0