Valuable advice from business veterans.

By leveraging the power of aggregation, People 2.0 has been able to build an exceptional team of subject-matter experts and successful staffing business veterans.  That team is naturally incented to help our partnered staffing firms seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and achieve all their business goals.

Our consulting team includes strategic-thinking entrepreneurs who have started and operated their own successful staffing businesses, and executives who have built market-leading regional firms, developed large Fortune 100 accounts, and held top positions in publicly traded, national staffing companies.

 People 2.0 partners get expert advice from business vets

  • Sales and marketing initiatives
  • Expansion and acquisition strategies
  • Capital and equity strategies
  • Organizational strategies
  • Exit strategies

At People 2.0, we’ve assessed, counseled, advised and assisted hundreds of staffing companies.

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