Staffing Companies

By leveraging People 2.0’s infrastructure and comprehensive back office technology, you can manage large-scale needs with efficiency. Our solutions absorb administrative, insurance, and regulatory compliance burdens and manage all processes with speed and security. We handle the challenges of Federal, state, and local regulatory compliance, offer superior risk management services, and provide ACA-compliant health and retirement programs.

Grow Faster and Add Value

Optimize performance and sustain real growth by using People 2.0’s technical, financial, and human resources. We manage all Employer of Record (EOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) compliance issues and deploy a flexible workforce globally, so you can better focus time and effort on matching talent to client needs.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Back Office Solutions

Rely on best-in-class technology and expertise from People 2.0 to handle your IT, funding, workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance, accounting and banking.

People 2.0 combines the buying power of many to develop a service center that brings you enterprise-level expertise, highly scalable support and cost-effective administration.


Flexible, sector-specific technology and customized, end-to-end solutions from People 2.0 allow staffing companies from every sector to maximize efficiency, accelerate response times, and more effectively direct and control the business.

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