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Time Gained Model eBook Cover

Small to Mid-Sized Staffing Firms Use ‘Time Gained Model’ to Level the Playing Field


This eBook provides practical strategies to help small to mid-sized staffing firms gain back time and leverage opportunities that create value, competitive advantage, and a faster pace for sustainable growth.


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Cover of Controlling Costs of Workers’ Compensation in Staffing CompaniesControlling Costs of Workers’ Compensation in Staffing Companies


The rising cost of workers’ compensation (WC) insurance premiums impacts profitability, as do claims. Yet the burden of managing WC programs properly is a heavy lift for most staffing companies. Understanding the cause of costs and where you can tighten up controls will put you in a position of power to protect your profits.


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Cyber Liability & Data Breaches Whitepaper CoverReduce Your Exposure Risk to Cyber Liability and Data Breaches


With development and management of personal information at the very core of the business, staffing companies cannot afford to ignore cyber liability. More than ever, it is critically important for staffing companies to review sensible risk control and risk transfer programs


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Financing Workers' Comp Insurance eBook CoverKnow Your Risk Financing Options When Shopping for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This eBook presents insurance options and important aspects that staffing business owners should consider when seeking to secure the right-fit workers’ compensations insurance, at the best price, based on risk transfer preferences.
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