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Technology Improvements and Change Management

Did a competitor equipped with better tools just close one of your prospects? Did your system incorrectly bill a key client for the third time? Is your recruiting database clogged with useless information? Learn how technology can make your staffing firm more competitive, efficient and productive—never less so.

Technology Sleep Deprivation

The constant barrage of articles, blogs, tweets, emails and webinars has a tendency to keep people up at night. Perhaps barrage is too harsh a word. Maybe the reference to an explosion or heavy artillery fire of information sent in a variety of technology formats is a bit extreme. However, at the end of the week, barrage is sometimes what it feels like. How can you get more sleep?

Technology and the Efficiency Race

Technology and its role in the staffing business is evolving and growing at an incredible pace. As one of those people who can still remember using white boards, index cards and mechanical check writers, it is amazing to see the technology available to a staffing business today. Now technology can make a staffing company what every customer wants their agency to be: faster, better and cheaper.


The Changing Face of Healthcare

Healthcare reform has been part of public discussion since the early 90s, the same decade marking explosive growth for the American staffing industry.With more than 17,000 Staffing Offices nationwide sending nearly 3 million people to work each day, the industry has made continuous gains over the years, pausing only for the toughest of times, since its birth more than a century ago.

End-to-End Solutions

The U.S. Staffing industry sends nearly two million people to work each day through thousands of individual staffing firms. To continue to grow and to gain market share,staffing firms must develop more sophisticated systems, processes and support service models. When you add on the unique requirements of healthcare staffing, the model becomes increasingly complex. Learn what steps you need to take to survive on today’s razor thin margins.

Trends in Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare staffing is changing, evolving and maturing. As it does, there are key trends that likely do not favor smaller agencies in the sector. In those firms in particular, leadership needs to recognize trends, think strategically and respond timely.

ACA Compliance Choices: Moving Beyond the “Pay or Play” Decision

Just as this issue of Staffing Industry Review went to press, the Obama administration announced a delay in enforcement of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). That delay effectively gives staffing companies another year to decide to “pay” (penalties) or “play” (offer a compliant health insurance plan).


Finding Flexible Financing

The staffing business is all about flexibility. Just as client companies’ needs for flexibility drive demand for staffing services, staffing firms need flexibility from their own providers and strategic partners. In assessing financing options and seeking out the right financial partner for your staffing company, flexibility has to be one of the first considerations.

Financing That Pays

If there was ever a question, recent times confirm that Cash will always be King. Through the roller coaster economic cycles we have experienced in staffing over the past couple years, companies able to maintain positive cash flow had clear advantages. Now that we’re beginning to turn the corner, cash flow and ready access to the right financing may be an even greateradvantage.

The Number One Killer

When cash is the lifeblood and it dries up…

Insurance & Risk Management

Growing Risk in Your Database

How Cyber Liability Exposures Threaten Staffing Companies

Managing Workers’ Compensation Expense in a High Medical Inflation Environment

It has been a challenging time for the staffing industry over the last several years as the economy has gone through a significant recession, and growth has been sluggish in many sectors.Inflation has been tame; however any margin benefit to the industry has been eroded by increased state unemployment insurance costs. One significant cost area that has been surprisingly soft is the workers’ compensation insurance marketplace.

Workers’ Compensation: Hardening Markets and Non-Renewals

Two years ago, we first mentioned the challenging times the staffing industry would face; the economy emerging from a recession, and growth sluggish for many sectors. Not much has changed since then but we can add another component to staffing owners’ angst, workers’ compensation costs.