Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Grow your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) business with additional and recurring revenue streams to drive profit in new and sustaining ways.

Client companies want flexibility, and now you can provide that by using People 2.0’s on-demand Employer of Record (EOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) platform to deploy a flexible workforce globally. In addition to assisting clients that directly hire talent, you can now have the ability to effectively on-board the workforce talent you find to better serve clients seeking to use a third party for talent deployment.

Providing clients with that option helps them manage and control their human capital costs with the ebbs and flows of their business needs. Furthermore, you gain a competitive advantage by using a turnkey opportunity engine that allows you to say “yes!” to more client requests and offer new services to existing clients.

Robust Back Office Solutions

Expand your business more easily by relying on People 2.0 to handle activity regarding deployment, compliance, and back office processing.

We provide standardized, scalable processes and best-in-class technology, including solutions for:

  • ACA-compliant health and retirement programs
  • Enterprise-wide risk management
  • Regulatory compliance in all 50 states
  • Comprehensive billing, payroll, and collections processing


Learn more by visiting People 2.0’s Recruiter Services Division at TFI Resources.